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a another year has come and gone
Monday, January 10, 2005 | 8:57 PM | Allegri

Every day I still end up catching myself writing 2004 as the date for all of my assignments. It seems as though the year 2004 flew by with incredible speed. I came and went like the snow in Salt Lake on an average winter day. Lets take a look a the things that happened this year.

A year in Record:

- The most closely watch presidential elections... ever

- Athens Summer Olympic games

- Major conflict's in Iraq

- Dispute over the POW’s in Cuba

I feel as though I should post my New Years Resolutions, as to hope that you all can help keep me accountable to them:

- More time spent in devotion- I have noticed that at times I begin to fade away in my daily Devotion time with the Lord and I really struggle with keeping it a priority in my life. I would like to say that I spend a good 30 minutes daily in the Word, but it rarely happens... please keep me accountable for it! Also, with the fact that I am a spiritual leader at both school and church it is an even greater challenge to be the best that I can be for the Lord. MY GOAL: TO SPENT ATLEAST 30 MINUTES DAILY IN THE WORD, IN STEADY DEVOTION.

- Less Caffeine- Since New Years Eve I have given up Mt. Dew and it surprisingly has been a excellent "detox" experience, lets see how long it will last. Each can of Mt. Dew contains 37 milligrams of caffeine, and with the amount that I used to drink daily of about 4 cans (or more), takes in about 148 milligrams... PER DAY!!! Whereas the FDA states that 100 milligrams is already considered an overdose that can lead to severe headaches, nausea, cramps, and of course, a chemical dependency. MY GOAL: COMPLETE DETOX- NO SODA.... haha yeah I know, won’t happen, but I have to break the dependency cycle.

- More Exercise- Over the years I have always been in some sport everyday, but as of June 2004 I left my life of dance at the doorstep, and have not yet picked up a new hobby. I am trying to get back into a daily routine of exercise but so far it has gone to buying equipment and only once of twice actually using it... I want to get back up into the same strength and endurance levels that I was at back in June and want to be able to be able to run a mile race in under 8 minutes once again and be able to continue running on after it. MY GOAL: 8-minute mile.

- More focus on homework- Yes I know, senior year at a new school, and I've had the reputation of being at the top of my class since, what, ninth grade?! Wow that’s a long time. But it seems that the tables have turned and science is no longer my forte but more my weakness. Theology has came out on top along with English, and senioritis is really trying to get the best of me.... It has been following me like an annoying little sixth grader that has no one else to look up to, but its been growing and attempting to chisel me away from my studies. AHHH GO AWAY STUPID SENIORITIS!!! MY GOAL: SCHOOL FIRST!!! NOTHING UNTIL ALL WORK IS DONE... it will be hard but I'm (trying to) sticking to it.

Now that I have spilt about all of my things that I struggle with I am putting it on your shoulders to hold me accountable to them. If you could continue to hold me to all of these things, you will remain, as constant reminder as to what I am trying to reach in my life and what is part of my priorities.